Spices Rwanda

Country: Rwanda
In Rwanda, ITG launched Spices Rwanda Ltd. in 2017. Spices Rwanda Ltd exports Birds Eye Chilli Pepper (Rawit). The product is grown locally through out-growers, dried and sorted and then shipped to the European market.



Within this project Spices Rwanda cooperates with AEE Rwanda, NAEB, Coleacp, Horteco Rwanda Clinton Foundation just to mention a view. In partnership the value chain is established up to European processors.

Harvest Income increase

A farmer who is dedicated to the production of chilli peppers can earn a net income of between 1000-1500 euro per acre with is substantially more then what is possible with traditional crops like maize and beans.


Spices Rwanda Ltd. provides training in the cultivation, drying and sorting. As a result, as much added value as possible is carried out by the farmers themselves.

Community impact

In our approach we do work with 4 established coöperatives and 20 lead farmers that are an example for their neighbour farmers in cultivating chillies. Currently around 450 farmers are connected to Spices Rwanda Ltd.