Lease program Rwanda

Country: Rwanda

Within the lease program we do work with local companies that facilitate operational lease and/or financial lease. In this program start-ups and/or existing small youth-led companies are trained in business skills and coached to obtain a lease and/or a loan contract.



Within this program we work in cooperation with AEE Rwanda with Amasezerano Community Banking Ltd. and Equip Rwanda Ltd. At both companies training and leasing are combined to bring the SME’s to a

Income increase

By obtaining a lease and/or a loan contract, companies are able to start up or substantially expand their services. For the entrepreneur, this means that he can at least acquire a basic income and or appoint additional employees.


Entrepreneurs are trained in developing a solid business plan in which all parts of the company are well thought through.

Community impact

The pilot program is currently running in Kigali and more then 300 business have been trained of which currently around 70 have acquired equipment either through financial or operational lease.