How we work

In our portfolio we focus on the following key sectors the agri-sector, production and service sector. We support companies that source from smallholder farmers in optimising their out-grower schemes as well as their production and sales processes. To create impact, we realise we must build value chains from farmer’s level up to (export) markets. Our partnership companies actively support the farmers in optimising their production and by paying fair prices that leads to a fair income at smallholder farmer’s level.

For SME’s we work with companies that deliver services to them to build their capacity as well as to realise access to equipment to further strengthen SME’s. Next to that we invest direct in production companies that focus on value addition.


We combine financial services with business development services, export promotion and connection to a wide network of entrepreneurs. Our services are aimed to strengthen the vision of the partner entrepreneur and make SME’s grow in a sustainable way.

Project phases

Our approach has 4 phases.