Azizi Life

Country: Rwanda

Artisans across Rwanda are hand crafting beautiful goods with a vision to lift their families out of poverty.  With their fair trade income, parents are caring for the health, nutrition, and education of their children. By the work of their hands, women are becoming financial contributors in their families and leaders in their communities. We are honored to share in the artisans’ vision for a better future, and as ITG, play our role in bringing the products to the European market.



Azizi Life partners with over 40 independent groups- a total of over 700 artisan partners. Each artisan cooperative specializes in hand crafting products using specific techniques and raw materials. Azizi Life partners with these women and men, collaborating to connect makers, designers, and customers around the world.

Income Opportunity

Azizi Life is paying agreed-upon fair wage to the artisans at delivery point of the products. This additional income allows the artisans to lead their families to thriving. Many artisans come from communities where their subsistence farming is insufficient to cover the basic needs of the family. With their fair wage income, artisans are able provide for the education, nutrition and health care of their children- and more!

Design & Quality

Azizi Life works with the artisans to develop beautifully-designed products for home décor and fair trade shops in America, Canada, and Europe. Artisans craft excellent quality goods, with coaching and detailed quality checking from the Azizi Life team. The result is refined collections for ethically-minded customers around the world.

Community impact

In addition to opening economic opportunity through fair trade, Azizi Life invests a portion of profits in a range of community impact projects. Our Rwandan-led team facilitates adult literacy classes and offers other practical resources for personal, spiritual, and economic growth.