About us

Game changers impacting the lives of the poor

Entrepreneurs are the drivers of economic development in East Africa. To create sustainable development the role of these entrepreneurs is crucial. They are able to build the link between smallholder farmers and the market. Next to that they play an important role in the growing service and production industry. When their companies scale up these entrepreneurs are the key actors in employment creation.


Inclusive Trading Group BV (ITG)

Inclusive Trading Group BV (ITG) is an impact investor that aims to partner with promising entrepreneurs to build their companies and so contribute to sustainable development of the region. Our services combine access to capital, business development support, export promotion and access to a wide network of entrepreneurs in Europe who have expertise in several branches.

We enter into long term partnerships in order to improve the performance and growth of the companies we support. Through that process more employment and economic development is realised in the countries where we operate.


Inclusive Trading Initiative Foundation

ITG is owned by Inclusive Trading Initiative, a foundation that aims at alleviating poverty through catalysing economic development.