We combine financial services with business development services, export promotion and connection to a wide network of entrepreneurs. Our services are aimed to strengthen the vision of the partner entrepreneur and make their business grow in a sustainable way.


Financial Services

Our financial investments are tailored through long term loans or equity positions. The portfolio is discussed with our partner and will be based on the business scenarios and current position.

Export Promotion

ITG takes an active role in promotion of the products on the European market. Besides introduction to key market players ITG will support our partners to ensureĀ  that the product is in line with European standards and procedures such as aflatoxin control and HACCP.

Business Development Support

To ensure healthy sustainable growth ITG not only provides investment capital but always supports the entrepreneur in developing its business to make it attractive for international investments.


ITG has a wide network of European entrepreneurs that have knowledge and experience in several branches. In case of need of specific knowledge we can call upon our network and search for the specialist that can support.